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The Woodshop

The 1,300 sq ft footprint  is split between a two car garage and +700 sq ft woodshop. The second floor, matching the footprint of the woodshop, is dedicated to lumber storage and drying. Below are the main tools that help transform locally sources lumber to finished products


Table Saw

Rigid R45-12

The heart of the shop is always the table saw. The 3.25hp  Rigid R45-12 is wired for 240v, and is located in the middle of the action. 

Dust Collection

SECO 150-3020

If the table saw is the heart, dust collection is the lungs of a shop. The 3 hp Sen Kong 150-3020 is also wired for 240 and is located in the middle of the shop. Imported from Taiwan, this machine came off the line in 1988



Jet JWBS - 14SFX

Working with rough sawn lumber, the ability to re-saw lumber is critical to avoid unnecessary waste from the planner - the 1.75 hp Jet JWBS-14SFX offers 13" of re-saw potential


Craftsman 13.20621

While the 6.125" capacity can be limiting, this joiner has proven serviceable for all of our small products. Along with the Craftsman radial arm saw (ours has been decommissioned) these two tools embody 1980s hobby woodworking



Parks Woodworking 

Not much is known about this planner beyond it has 12" straight blades, runs on 240v, and is built to last forever. Parks Woodworking Machine co dissolved in 1989, making this machine one of the two oldest in the shop


Jet JWL-1236

Capable of turning 12: diameter stock, and a bed spanning 34.5", this is one of the newest (new to me) tools in the shop

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