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Making things out of wood and other materials


Our Products

  • Custom Furniture

  • Pre-Fabricated Products

  • Zero Waste Products

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Locally Sourced Materials

Zero Waste Products

Unqiue Designs

Made in the USA


St. Mahin Designs

This company first became a thought as I was working through a backlog of home renovations on a nearly 100 year old house. Throughout the learning experience, the projects I enjoyed most were the ones that required designing a solution from scratch - and usually required the table saw. Like most woodworkers, the garage quickly became a workshop, and the projects quickly outgrew the workshop. Despite moving to a larger space, I frequently find myself reminiscing on the simple beginning and early projects of St. Mahin Designs. 


Recent Photos


 He made us cutting boards for Christmas and they are really nice, but I hope he keeps his day job (for his wife's sake).

My Family

That guy makes so much noise, I cant even hear myself think.

The Neighbors

He was a quiet guy who generally kept to himself. I can't believe that he turned out to be a woodworker!


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